Using DrumWerks Drum Samples in Pearl Mimic Pro Module

DrumWerks user Eduardo Tredinnick put our snare drum samples to use in a Pearl Mimic Pro Module. The new Pearl Mimic Pro software update (version 1.4.18) now allows users the ability to import third-party samples into the Mimic Pro module. The editor lets users create new instruments (controlling all aspects of imported samples) separating the […]

New Drum Samples for Metal! Introducing ‘Bay Area 3 Metal Drums’

Product Image of Bay Area 3 Metal Drum Samples

Powerful metal drum samples now available for download. Getting the right drum sound for metal can be a challenge. Beyond the obvious challenges of getting the right drumkit, tuning, micing, and mixing, you need a great room to capture the true depth and sonic power of the many different drum shells and cymbals. For less […]

You gotta have more cowbell, baby!

Gotta have more cowbell

Our Top 9 Legendary Cowbell Songs Ever since music producer “Bruce Dickinson” (more specifically, “The Bruce Dickinson” as performed by Christopher Walken) tells the band they have “what appears to be a dynamite sound” but they need “a little more cowbell,” this commonly-maligned percussion instrument gained musical immortality. But, as funny as the legendary Saturday […]

New Metal Drum Samples Released

New Metal Drum Samples: Introducing the Bay Area 1 Metal Drums Pack This is one seriously powerful set of drum samples for metal. We recorded The Bay Area 1 Drum Pack with one goal in mind: to deliver maximum power and attack to your drum tracks. It’s mixed and ready to go for any hard […]

Ludwig Snare Drum Samples Library Released

Snare drum samples - The Ludwig Snares Samples Download Pack

Introducing the Ludwig Snare Drum Samples Collection Drum Werks announces the release of over 675MB of downloadable snare drum samples for a wide range of musical applications. With natural and unprocessed tones, the Studio B Ludwig Snares sample library offers a versatile and powerful mix-ready snare drum sample collection for use in a wide range […]

New Kick Drum Samples Collection from DrumWerks

kick drum samples from Drum Werks

Introducing the Studio B Kick Drum Samples Collection from DrumWerks Drum Werks announces the release of new bass drum samples for a wide range of rock, hard rock, alt rock, and metal styles. The Studio B Kick Drum Sample Library offers a versatile and powerful mix-ready kick drum sample collection of DW, Pearl, Premier, and […]

Free Sample Alert! Ludwig Acrolite Snare

Snare Samples from Ludwig Acrolite

A Humble Set of Ludwig Acrolite Snare Hits that Just Sound Good! A different taste of Ludwig. These samples feature the ever-ready Ludwig Acrolite at a medium-high tension. While the open resonance may not be for everyone’s mix, there’s plenty of headroom to apply EQ and processing. Try using a transient shaper, compression, and gate […]

More Free Samples | Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Open Resonance

Free Snare Drum Samples - Ludwig Supraphonic

Same Ludwig Black Beauty, with Wide-Open Ring and Resonance We used the same Black Beauty snare drum with same tuning as the previous free snare samples post, but without any muting for a more open and resonant set of snare sounds. So, if you’re after a snare sounds that rings out (and, yes, we know […]

Free Snare Samples|Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum

Free Download Snare Hits Drum Werks 1

Free Snare Sounds from our Sound Lab Experiments! Sometimes we have a little free time and just want to test out some drum sounds with a minimalist mic setup. It’s more for hearing how different snare tunings reveal themselves under the microscope of the mics. These aren’t as polished as our drum samples that we […]

Drum Werks Announces Metal and Hard Rock Kick Samples Collection

Yamaha Recording Maple Drum Kit Recording Session

Need Metal and Hard Rock Kick Samples Collection! Many requests have come in for a set of kick drum samples geared specifically for metal and hard rock – we’re proud to announce, they’re here! This powerful collection of kick drum samples includes eight different kick sample packs and are full of the punch and attack […]

New Drum Samples now ready – Yamaha Recording Customs

Drum Samples by Drum Werks Kick Drum Head

New Drum Samples now ready – Yamaha Recording Customs! After numerous requests for a drum samples collection featuring brushes, we put together a tasty set of over 100 MB of downloadable drums and cymbal samples from a Yamaha Recording Custom drum set. Although perfect for anything country, this one can work perfectly for a wide […]

New Pearl Snare Samples Collection Released!

Snare drum samples from Drum Werks

New Pearl Snare Sample Library Released! We’ve just released a massive Pearl snare drum samples library featuring a wide selection of Pearl snares, including steel, brass, aluminum, maple shell drums. This collection will be at home in rock, metal, funk, blues, gospel, country, pop – nearly any style you can throw at it. While we […]

New Rock Drum Samples! Introducing the Mapex Maple Drums Sample Pack

Drum Samples by Drum Werks Mapex Maple Drums

You want punchy rock drum samples? We’ll, you’ve got ’em. This pristinely-recorded kit is a powerful workhouse that will find a home in any number of rock tracks, be it a reserved acoustic pop-rock tune or a balls-out wall of Marshalls type of vibe. We recorded in one of Los Angeles’ best drum rooms and […]