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For live, acoustic drum loops to inspire your music, stop by our partner site Beta Monkey. You should know that all Beta Monkey loop downloads include fully-sampled drum kits as well. So, if you’re looking for more drum samples, these are fantastic live, acoustic drums – many customer purchase the libraries for the sample content alone. Stop by their site and see how they can help you create new drum tracks with ease!

About Beta Monkey

Beta Monkey has produced powerful and versatile drum loops since 2002. Artists worldwide have used and abused Beta Monkey loops and samples to inspire new music for rock, metal, pop, blues, country, funk, fusion, progressive, jazz and many other styles.

Songwriters and producers alike know what Beta Monkey drum tracks can do for their music. Looking to create new drum tracks? Let the top studio session drummers from Beta Monkey inspire you with thousands of live drum loops optimized for serious songwriters.  Now it’s your turn to let the best drum loops take your drum tracks to the next level.

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