Sometimes the best review is the music!

We recently received a great example of what can be done with our drum samples. Now, we only offer clean, natural drum samples – we can’t possibly know where they will show up or how they will even sound when our users treat them to their own distinctive musical tastes. But, after all, isn’t that the beauty of music and working with the right tools?

The following video is courtesy of Erwin Steijlen, an immensely talented musician from the Netherlands. As he explains it:

I just bought a couple of snare samples from your Drumwerks website. Love the Ludwig Black Beauty! I bought some stuff from you last year and the year before, These sounds are in my files and get used a lot. But it’s almost never just one sample… always a mix. But yours are def. in there!

“Walk The Line” Written, recorded and mixed by Erwin Steijlen. Sung by Jerry Given. View the video on YouTube.

How did Erwin create such a massive drum sound using Drum Werks drum samples?

He explained it further to us.

What I do is a little complicated but the only way to get the sound I like. First I make a midi drumtrack with random samples. Then I record these tracks to audio in Protools, each to a single audiotrack. So, I have about 8 to 10 drumtracks in audio. I then load Drumagog or Trigger and I load these with multiple samples, so the snare you hear on “Walk The Line” are at least 4 different snare samples.

I tune these in Trigger and mess around with the volumes. When I’m happy I send all of my drums (except for the HH and Cymbals) to a buss where I parallel compress these to death ;)) – I mix this stereo buss with the original signal until I’m happy.

We’d have to agree – this track (and video) sounds awesome. Just awesome.

Discover more of Erwin’s music at Styles Music Group.