Drum Werks Praise for Latest Snare Sample Packs!

Five Stars Review I just wanted to email and say that I am 100% happy with your drum products. I have searched the internet to find drum samples. I tried smart loops, beatbasics to name a few. I even downloaded one drum sample package called “A Thousand and One Snares.” And another one that cost $20.00 that was called rims and sticks.

And there was not one snare that could be used on either one.

You have the best drum samples that I have found and the best price also. 95% of drum samples out there are not usable. I just wanted to email and say keep up the good work.

– Steven Kamer

Five Stars ReviewCan I just say that out of all the drum samples I’ve gathered over the years these are the best sounding and most usable ones I’ve come across.  Thanks again, Aram Anson

Five Stars ReviewThanks so much! The download worked and I have the files so I can start to enjoy the drums :-). You guys have a great service! Keep up the good work!


Klaas de Beer from the NL

Five Stars ReviewI used the DW Collector’s Maple Full Drum Kit Samples in NI Battery 3 on the music I submitted. Didn’t really tweak them either! Glad you like it. Those samples are stellar! When are you going to have the Black Beauty samples available? — Macy Malone

**Macy – the new snare samples are rolling in, including the Ludwig Black Beauty ones!

Check out the downloadable drum samples for the latest updates…