You want punchy rock drum samples?

We’ll, you’ve got ’em. This pristinely-recorded kit is a powerful workhouse that will find a home in any number of rock tracks, be it a reserved acoustic pop-rock tune or a balls-out wall of Marshalls type of vibe. We recorded in one of Los Angeles’ best drum rooms and captured the beauty and warmth of this all-maple drumkit. Thick, punchy, warm – you’ll get drum sounds that are as pure as we heard them in the studio. Lots of vibe and nuance to go along with the power and projection. One listen and we’re confident you’ll find a way to get these drums into your tracks.

No matter what style of rock you call your own, from classic to contemporary, you will find a home for these samples. There’s plenty of room to add your own compression, EQ, and EFX settings too, so consider it a clean slate of drum samples ready for whatever you need them to do.

Have a listen and download this set of rock drum samples today:

This is a COMPLETE set of samples with drums – a six-piece kit (22″x18″ kick, 10″x8″, 12″x13″ rack toms, 14″x16″ and 16″x16″ floor toms and maple snare) and several Zildjian cymbals (crashes, rides, EFX China, and hihats). A complete, ready-to-go collection that will sit perfectly in any mix begging for big, natural acoustic rock drums.

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