Bay Area Drums 1 Drum Samples Now Available for Download

20150821_135252Bay Area Drums 1: A powerful drum kit sample collection built for the power and precision of hard rock and metal. With over 600 multi-sampled hits that capture the attack and punch essential to modern drum mixes with a wide array of cymbal choices to add additional brilliance, this is a complete drum track solution.

Mixed and ready to go, Bay Area Drums 1 will become your go-to drums for any songwriting project, no matter the amount of distorted guitars you choose to throw at these powerful drum samples.

Weighing in at 565 MB total sample content 384 multi-velocity single hits, load these into your favorite virtual instrument if you’re looking for truly powerful drums. Bay Area Drums 1 is also the perfect antidote for weak and flabby drums when used for sample replacement. You will not find any harder-hitting drums then these (well, until our next release).

Get these hard-hitting drum samples into your music now.