Some Kind Words about Drum Werks samples on the KVR and Other Forums!

One of our Drum Werks drum sample users pointed a few nice posts about us over at the forums as well as few other places. As you know, forums can be brutally honest, so it’s nice to see we are living up to what we set out to do: deliver high-quality, low-cost, no-nonsense acoustic drum samples!

“Check out They have awesome sounding unprocessed acoustic drum samples. You can get full drumset sample packs (Yamaha, DW, etc) for under $15, or individual drum element sample packs (snare, kick, cymbals, etc) for about $4. These are professionally recorded acoustic drums, and i doubt you’ll find a better price/quality combo anywhere!”

“The Hi-Hat sample packs at are excellent sounding, and only $3.99 per pack. There are several well known Hi-Hats brands to choose from (Sabian, Zildjian, etc), pro studio quality recording, and contain many sample layers for a very natural and articulate acoustic Hi-Hat sound. Best on the market for the price hands down!”

“Take a look at DrumWerks if you’re after a seriously nice metal/rock kit. The DW Collector’s Maple Full Kit has a stunning solid meaty sound to it that will work well for the type of bands you’re referring to in your initial post.”

“I bought/downloaded some really nice drum samples that were sampled from several High end maple drum kits and some studio kits. I added the samples to Beatcraft and set up a great sounding drum kit… Go to the Download link, it was $24.99 for 4 kits but you can buy just one kit. The DW collectors kit sounded the best for what I do, but all the kits sounded great. There were 830 files and it was 582 mb, it was a great deal. 24 bit samples.”