End of Summer Feedback!

Five Stars ReviewThe DW kit is awesome guys – When can we expect some more samples? Awesome pricing as well. I will deffinately be back for more sounds in the future for my upcoming projects. They work great with in Drumagog and Reason 3.0. Keep up the work!
Jonathan Roye

Blue Wave Audio Solutions


Five Stars Review“I really love this entire concept and your company has some really amazing samples. Thank You!” – Al GARZA

Five Stars Review“I bought the DW full maple kit and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! Great work and thanks!” – Chris Magyaros
Five Stars ReviewYou’re the man! Thank you very much. It’s an excellent combo, crisp and clear with just enough punch. There’s just not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate your work.

I have nearly everything you have to offer. That’s because it is stuff that WORKS. It’s very mixable, very clean, with a lot of choice. I have used every major drum loop in the buisness. Even the super expensive multi track stuff and I honestly have to say your stuff sounds better. Plus I don’t have to waste hundreds of hours mixing it together or trying to re Eq the sound to fit. The loops come out of the box ready for a final mixdown with other instruments and the samples can turn even the most basic midi work very realistic.The results for both are warm and balanced. So I mean it when I say please keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to future releases.

As for service… The rest of the industry should take a lesson here. Instead of trying to squeeze every dime out of me, it’s obvious that you have sincere commitment to customer satisfaction. So “Thank you very much for your work and sense of ‘fairplay’ (no pun intended)!”

Very Best Regards,

Dan Jaynes

Five Stars ReviewI purchased the Tama Star classic maple recording kit sample set about two months ago, and I love it! My programmed beats have never sounded more realistic, I have people ask all the time who my drummer is, and where on Earth I recorded my drum tracks at lol.Thank you SO much!

Scott Powell

Five Stars ReviewThose new clips are sounding great so far. The SC_Kick_B set especially sounds fantastic. You guys are doing some great work there. I can’t wait to lay down some bass lines over the drums here. I may have to check out some of the individual packs as well.

Thanks again.

Charlie Hooper