New Pearl Snare Sample Library Released!

Pearl-Snare-SamplesWe’ve just released a massive Pearl snare drum samples library featuring a wide selection of Pearl snares, including steel, brass, aluminum, maple shell drums. This collection will be at home in rock, metal, funk, blues, gospel, country, pop – nearly any style you can throw at it.

While we offer many snare samples, this is undoubtedly our biggest collection of live, acoustic snares that we offer for download with over 4 GB of acoustic snare drums in the downloadable set.

Moreover, there’s a tuning and drum right for any style that needs a natural, well-tuned snare sound. A versatile collection of snare drum samples that will enhance your drum tracks through the sheer diversity of snare tunings and sound characteristics – maximum versatility in drum replacement applications or virtual instrument samplers.

The Drum Werks Complete Pearl Snare Samples Collection is a professional snare sample library. It captures all the various flavors and tones of multiple Pearl snare drums. The goal of this set was to share our healthy collection of Pearl snare drums with everyone. We think you’ll find this collection of snare drum samples accomplishes that!

What’s the story behind this snare sample library?

The Pearl Snare Samples Collection represent several years of accumulated work. We have been experimenting with various tunings, heads, and recording techniques on our ever-growing collection of Pearl snare drums. The result is this versatile collection of all-natural, 100% pure snare drum samples. These 18 different drums deliver many different tones for the most critical element in your drum sound: the snare. We have the woody warmth of maple, the low-end attack of brass, the dry crack of aluminum, the loud smack of steel – all sampled in different tunings and degrees of decay.

All samples are presented as 24/44 stereo WAV format files, ready for use in all popular DAW and virtual instrument software platforms. Whether you’re planning to use these snares to breathe warmth and flavor to MIDI-driven drum tracks or to enhance existing drum tracks through drum replacement, you’ll find no shortage of sound and character in this truly exhaustive collection of snare samples.

The Pearl Snare Samples Collection features:

  • 53 sampled snare sample folders featuring a wide array of Pearl snare drum samples
  • Nearly 5000 multi-velocity samples – over 4.1 GB total 24/44 stereo snare samples in entire Pearl Snare Samples Collection
  • 24-bit, 44.1khz stereo snare drum samples
  • Wide variety of snare tunings. Dry and tight, thick and ringy, open and resonant, you’ll get over 50 different snare drum tones to choose from.
  • Unprocessed recordings – ready for your EQ, compression, and more.
  • For all styles of rock, hard rock, alt rock, pop, and metal as well as funk, country, blues, gospel. If your music needs a distinctive snare voicing, you’ll find it in this collection.
  • Use in any DAW (ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, ACID), software sampler (Battery, Kontakt), sequencing program (FL Studio, iDrum) or drum replacement software (Drumagog, Slate Trigger).

There’s a snare drum in this collection for whatever style of music you play, be it rock, metal, blues, funk, country, or pop. Only you will know just that right snare that will complement your music.

The Pearl Snare Samples Library is available for instant download for $29.99.