New Metal Drum Samples: Introducing the Bay Area 1 Metal Drums Pack

This is one seriously powerful set of drum samples for metal. We recorded The Bay Area 1 Drum Pack with one goal in mind: to deliver maximum power and attack to your drum tracks.Bay Area 1 Metal Drum Samples | Complete Drum Kit, Cymbals for Modern Metal

It’s mixed and ready to go for any hard rock or metal project with nearly 400 drum samples and cymbal samples. We’re confident that these samples will not get buried in the mix, no matter what you try to do to them.

Perfect for enhancing your existing drum tracks with drum replacement or loading into your favorite virtual instrument for triggering off your e-kit, you’ll get serious bang for the buck with these drums and cymbals. Without a doubt, one of our favorite drum kit sample packs in the entire Drum Werks catalog!

But, if we can’t convince you with hyperbole, then let your ears decide.

Bay Area 1 Metal Drums Audio Demos

 What Cymbal Samples and Drum Samples are Included?

Metal Drum Samples - The Bay Area 1 Drum and Cymbal Sample PackThe Bay Area Drums 01 drum sample library includes the drum sounds of a five-piece Ddrum USA Maple kit with a wide array of Meinl Custom Series cymbals.

A. Ddrum USA Maple 22″ x 18″ kick
B. Ddrum USA Maple 14″ x 5 1/2″ snare
C. Ddrum USA Maple 10″ rack tom
D. Ddrum USA Maple 12″ rack tom
E. Ddrum USA Maple 16″ floor tom
F. Meinl 14″ Classics Custom Hihats
G Meinl 22″ Classics Custom Ride
H. Meinl 16″ Classics Custom Medium Crash
I. Meinl 18″ Classics Custom Medium Crash
J. Meinl 10″ Classics Custom Extreme Metal Splash
K. Meinl 8″ Classics Custom Bell
L. Meinl 16″ Classics Custom China
M. Meinl 18″ Classics Custom China

Put Some Different Drum Samples in your Drum Tracks!

When you’re tired of sounding like everyone else using Toontrack’s Superior Drummer, EZdrummer, Addictive Drums, or BFD2, put the Drum Werks Bay Area Drums 01 sample pack into your music and make your drum tracks stand out. These drum samples are hot and ready, right out of the box.