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Birch Drum Samples - Yamaha Snare, Drumkit

I purchased both snare sample libraries, and there looks to be about twenty three multi-sampled snares here, and every single one is a “Gem”! Crystal clear recording and absolutely the perfect amount of punch, rattle and “ting” on every sample.

Everett Sellner
Yamaha Brass Snare Drum Sample Pack

“The drum samples are fantastic, much more natural, real sounding than the overly-processed Steven Slate which I’ve used. I get bored of snares and kicks quite quick so the ability to jump on your website and buy some individual new ones is a big plus! I much prefer this than purchasing massive libraries where only some kits / hits are of my style”

Ryan Miller
Pearl Reference snare drum single shots

They have awesome sounding unprocessed acoustic drum samples. You can get full drum set sample packs (Yamaha, DW, etc) for under $15, or individual drum sample packs (snare, kick, cymbals, etc) for about $4. These are professionally recorded acoustic drums, and I doubt you’ll find a better price / quality combo anywhere!”


Why Drum Werks?

Drum Werks Logo100% clean acoustic drum samples. Instant downloads. Affordable. Whether you want to use Drum Werks drum samples for drum replacement, MIDI drum track construction, or live e-kit performances, our drum sounds will do the job right for you and your music.

What can you expect from Drum Werks?