Drum Werks FAQ

Purchasing Drum Werks Drum Samples

Q: I want to order – what do I get? How do I purchase?

A: All Drum Werks Drum Sample and Cymbal Sample products are instant digital downloads. After you’ve purchased the drum samples, you can immediately download the products – no shipping charges, no waiting, and no missing orders. It’s a faster, cheaper and better way to get the sounds your music needs.

Once downloaded, you simply need to unzip the product files and you’re ready to go. We do recommend that you backup your purchases to a CD, DVD, or external drive (always good practice). However, should your purchased samples ever get lost or damaged, simply email us for a replacement download. We want to make sure you have the sounds, no matter what, today or tomorrow.

Q: I love what I am hearing in the previews – am I getting finished music like this or maybe finished loops?

A: The music is provided ONLY for demonstration purposes and to show how the drum samples will sound in a musical context. The downloadable drum and cymbal sets contain individual samples only – no drum loops, guitar, bass or any other instrumentation is included. Additionally, all previews featuring Drum Werks drum and cymbal samples are sequenced “as is” – no processing has been applied to the demo previews.

We have recorded the samples to sound great “as is” and without the need to “sweeten” the sound in order to get them to fit your mix. However, drum sounds are as personal as anything so you will know best what processing (EQ, compression, etc.) needs to be done to fit your style of songwriting. We believe giving you the cleanest, purest sonic slate is going to prove the most versatile.

Q: How do I download my Drum Werks purchase?

A: After you have finished adding to cart and completed your purchase, you will receive an email containing download instructions and links. This email will be sent within moments of completing purchase and to the email address you specify (be sure you use a current and valid email).

To download your Drum Werks purchase, simply click the links for your ordered products. These files will download to your computer in a few minutes but download times do vary based on your connection speed. All samples are delivered as .zip format files which must be uncompressed before use.

Q: What happens if I lose my Drum Werks purchase due to hard drive failure, accidental deletion, etc?

A: After purchase and you initial download, if you ever need to download again, we can always restore your download sets with new download links. Simply email us and we will take care of it for you. We always have a backup for your purchases.

The Download Process

Q: How long does it take to get the downloads I purchase?

A: You should receive an email in less than a minute. The process is completely automated, so as soon your transaction is received by PayPal and Drum Werks, an email is fired off to you with the complete instructions for downloading your samples. It is a very efficient and completely automated process.

Q: I never got an email with my download info what happened?

A: As is true in all aspects of life, things sometimes do not go as planned. If you do not receive an download instructions email within a few minutes, check your junk/spam email folders as it might have been put in there by your email service. If you provided a an incorrect email address (perhaps an old one attached to your PayPal account), then this can cause an issue as well. If any of this is the case, just email us through the contact page. We will regenerate the download links and have you running as soon as we possibly can.

There is always someone to help you during normal business hours and usually through much of the rest of the day as well. In any event, you WILL get your purchases one way or another – we can promise you that. Bottom line? Email us and we will help you should anything go wrong during the download process.

Q: How does the download shop work?

The download shop is automated and everything in it is available for immediate download. There is no shipping – all products can be downloaded instantly and feature a 36 hour or three download attempts window. Your download instructions are automatically sent to the email address you use during check out so please make sure your email address is correct if you want your downloads quickly and painlessly.

Q: How much time do I have to download my purchases and how many times can I download it?

A: Your instant download links are valid for 72 hours and you can download it 5 times within that time period.

Q: My purchased download does not work. Why?

A: We recommend that you have a fast internet connection in order to download our loop sets. Unless you are still on a dial-up connection, you should be fine. Downloads should not take more than a few minutes )unless, of course, you purchase our entire library of downloadable drum samples!)

Q: What does it cost to have these download samples packs put on a CD and mailed to me?

A: This is not necessary. Downloading our drums is quick and easy; all purchases are quick and easy digital downloads. You can certainly back up any way you wish just as quickly and easily.

Q: My connection is having trouble downloading…what is it going to take to download these files?

A: This is never really an issue, but, again, if you experience troubles, email us and we will do what is needed to get you the goods. We can re-issue fresh download links at any time – not an issue. It just may take a bit more time since an actual human being has to answer the email and re-issue the download links.

Q: Where is my download info I paid with an eCheck through PayPal?

A: The download info has not been sent yet because your payment was with an eCheck which takes 2-5 days to clear through PayPal. When it clears the download info will automatically be sent to you. If you really need them NOW (we know how you musicians are!), email us and we can override the automated system to get you what you need immediately.

Q: Can I use my credit card instead of PayPal?

A: Yes. Just look for the “Pay With Credit Card” Option instead of logging into your PayPal account. Either payment method is fine and will give you instant access to the downloads. Whichever method you choose, your credit/PayPal statement show a charge/payment to “Beta Monkey Music” – our parent company.

Drum Sample Compatibility

Q: What programs can use the drum and cymbal samples found on Drum Werks?

In a nutshell, if your audio software can open and work with 24 bit WAV format audio, then you can use our products. However, some people like to see their software covered in a compatibility list – this is that list:

      • Ableton Live, Ableton Drum Rack
      • Akai MPC1000 (and other AKAI MPC models and samplers)
      • Cakewalk Sonar, Guitar Tracks, Home Studio
      • Digital Performer
      • Drumagog
      • Drum Rehab – Trillium Lane Labs
      • DrumXchanger
      • ESX24
      • FruityLoops, FL Studio
      • Garageband, Soundtrack
      • Geist
      • Hardware DAW’s (Roland, Boss or similiar unit)
      • iDrum
      • Logic
      • Maschine
      • Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt
      • ProTools
      • Reason Refills
      • Renoise
      • SoundReplacer
      • Steven Slate Trigger
      • Studio One’s Impact
      • TX16Wx

We recommend you consult your user’s manual prior to ordering. Any audio software or sequencer that will accept 24-bit, 44.1khz audio files can use Drum Werks samples. Email us if you are in any way unsure.

Q: Can I mix and match sounds from different sets?

We mixed each specific drum and sample set identically so you can mix and match from within the set itself as well as with other sample sets. When we begin to branch out with different recording locations, these will be clearly identified by a recording session name.

There are no random sounds as found with other sample providers. We feel this offers the most flexibility. All individual download sets (the sounds they contain) were created in the same room so mixing and matching different drum or cymbal elements is virtually guaranteed.

Q: How can I use the single hits?

The single hits can be used to build full-out grooves using your software sampler or sequencer. Because we have no treated any of the single hits, you are free to make them sound they way YOU want them to sound. Compress, EQ, effect all you want – the sounds are pure and ready for your customization.

The single hits can also be used in the numerous drum replacement software currently available if you need to rescue a poor-sounding drum track (be it a snare, a kick, or toms). If you are looking at our drum and cymbal sounds, we are pretty confident you know what you will using them for and with!

If you plan to use Drum Werks drum samples primarily as drum replacements, read our “Drum Replacement Primer” for some specific help to get you going,

Drum Sample Licensing Agreement

Q: What is the Drum Werks licensing agreement?

All Drum Werks Samples fall under a Royalty-Free License: A royalty free license is granted for use in the writing, recording, reproduction and performance of new musical compositions with instrumental and/or lyric melodies created by the purchaser.

Any file sharing, distribution, re-sale or reproduction of the unaltered drum loops or drum samples, or any part thereof, for any other purpose, is expressly prohibited. help us keep providing you with great, low-cost drum and cymbal sample sets by sincerely following the licensing agreement.

Full license agreements are included with each download set or can be viewed and downloaded here.

Drum Sample Tutorials

Q: Do you have any tutorials available on how to EQ, compress, or otherwise enhance the Drum Werks samples?

We have spent the vast majority of time producing the available content – getting the drums and cymbal sounds recorded, cut, and ready for download. Of course, time had to be spent on making all of this readily available through our instant download store as well. We would rather spend time on this than provide a “mix recipe” that may or may not be useful. Google “mixing drums” and you will find a wealth of knowledge out there (although some sources are probably going to do you more harm than good!).

We do recommend a few references, however. All of these are great sources on how to achieve great drum sounds and mixes:

The Drum Recording Handbook by Dennis Moody (find it on Amazon) The Musician’s Guide to Recording Drums by Dallan Beck (find it on Amazon) Any number of videos from Groove3 (www.groove3.com) If you are like us, you probably already know what you want to do to the sounds anyway – taste in production styles is as personal as taste in music – so learn how to mix drums and you will never have to rely on anyone else’s ears again. And, you might just find that what works for your music is exactly what is right.

More questions?! Email Drum Werks at any time for more personalized and specific customer support.