Drum Werks Reviews

No one will ever say it better than customers who have bought, used, and enjoyed our sounds. In the end, it really is their thoughts and words that matter so we will be sure to share customer comments as they come our way. Whenever possible, we have included links to these artists so you can further explore their music as well as Drum Werks samples in action. Read the latest reviews in our blog section under the section heading “reviews.”

A Video Review of Drum Werks


New (and Overdue!) Drum Werks Feedback!

“Thank you so much for giving the time to help me. I have received all the kits now and they are great. I will be recommending you guys. Thanks again!” — Samuel Webb

“Thank you for providing awesome sample for a great affordable price.” — Christopher Wolfla

“I’ve been looking for great AAX series cymbal samples for a long time! These guys sound huge – good job! I work here with hardcore, metal and punk bands so these samples sound awesome in my mixes!” — Vasily Kuznetsov

“Keep up the great work. I love the concept your company has in mind. It’s hard finding great acoustic drum sounds that haven’t been compressed to s#!t lol. I just got that LA drum kit samples and I like it. Great kits and sounds. I will be purchasing more sounds from you guys in the future. Thanks for the speedy support.” — Andre Thompson

“I downloaded just about everything on your site, WOW- -that was fast! They sound GREAT. THANKS!” — Russell Wilson

“Thank You! These sound great, perfect for drum augmentation or replacement.” — Willie Crisel


Drum Werks Feedback!

Now, here are three that got a bit more into detail and are really nice ones to hear – thoughtful, thorough, and heart-felt. This makes all the tedious drum sample work worth it!

Hey, thanks again for letting me find the perfect snare sample from your collection. I can’t believe the amount of work you must have put into these! They’re all great sounding. I ended up layering the Supraphonic (the one I bought) with the Ludwig Black Beauty IV dry snare sample you sent me. I dropped the volume on the Ludwig by 3db in Kontakt. The combination has a nice deep clear stereo tone to it. I also bought your Premier Artist Birch kick this morning and teamed that up with the Pearl SMX Maple kick I bought yesterday. Sounds wonderful! For the first time I can actually feel a chesty kick drum without the use of EQ. Very happy! Now onto Toms…

I noticed you don’t have a collection of toms on your site. Any idea if that’ll ever happen? If not, could you recommend another company that samples drums as good as you? I have my Ocean Way silver collection but it’s a little dated sounding now that I’ve heard your drums. Really appreciate the customer service! You floored me yesterday when I saw the links. I look forward to seeing more offerings on your site.

Kind regards, Jonathan B

Thank you for the quick response – I’ve been waiting to hear these samples. Wow! I just finished programming a project for Arrow Records here in Atlanta. I wish I had these samples for that last project I just wrapped up. The clarity, tones, and even the air surrounding the drums were all captured so well. I will be passing your name out to all my buddies here in the industry. People need to know who you guys are!Thank you for such a great product.

Sincerely, Antwane M. McMullin

Guys, I just want to write back and thank you for the quality of your work here. Honestly, I’m stunned! I don’t know what to say, except that my snare search is now OVER. I purchased both snare sample libraries, and there looks to be about twenty three multi-sampled snares here, and every single one is a “Gem”!, crystal clear recording and absolutely the perfect amount of punch, rattle and “ting” on every sample. Not to mention at least fifty multi-samples for every snare, covering basically every possible hit, center, rim shots, stick, and even double hits for most of them, as well as an over abundance of velocity levels for each type of hit. I found your site after downloading and experimenting with close to twenty drum sample libraries, and your library is by far the best of any, in terms of both the top quality and sheer quantity of samples, and usability of every single snare selection.

I’ve discovered the hard way that most people who record drums, do not understand that the brightness and personality of a snare in the high frequencies can always be E.Q.’d down if needed, but can never be added. These samples are “crisp” but well balanced, all of them! All the same can be said for the three Hi Hat libraries! I want to thank you for actually providing a sample wave library, instead of locking everything up in a VST instrument which I don’t need. Also, much appreciated is getting, in my estimation, a $200 sample library here, for $35 (Wow!)

Great Work!!! Everett Sellner a.k.a. “UncleSeaweed”


More User Reactions and Feedback!

This is the video for a song I engineered and mixed for Arizona’s “Evolution Of The Kill”. I used one of your Black Beauty snare samples on it. (Note: The Drum Werks snare sample kicks in at the 0:18 mark, not the obvious machine snare in the intro.)



Getting that snare sample has improved the sound of my recordings 100%. Thanks, Chris Martin Windsor, Ontario Canada I have an mp3 from a mix I did with one of the MetalKicks (MetalKick01) I purchased a few months ago. It’s straight sample with a touch of additional eq. I REALLY love that kick. I’ve used it on a few other records too.

Thanks again for your hard work with these.

Derek Moffat DAM Music LLC.

Milwaukee, WI 608 Studios


Here is a song I did for a friend of mine. I used a snare sample that I purchased from Drum Werks! The original song is called “Up From The Ashes” by Burn Halo, but a friend and I covered it.

All music recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Colton Rudd (me, www.facebook.com/coltonrudd) Vocals recorded by Kyle Smith. (www.facebook.com/kowsmiff) Hope you enjoy it! Colton

Reactions to the Latest Drum Sample Releases!   

The drum samples are fantastic, much more natural/real sounding than the overly processed Steven Slate which I’ve used. I get bored of snares and kicks quite quick so the ability to jump on your website and buy some individual new ones is a big plus! I much prefer this than purchasing massive libraries where only some kits/hits are of my style. Thanks again, Ryan Miller

Thanks for a quick response! I downloaded the files, all is OK now. Great job! Long ago I was looking for snare sounds like the David Bendeth productions. Your snares are very similar. I´ll be waiting for the toms library! Kind Regards, Adrian Charras

The download worked great. I am not sure if your samples will work with mixcraft and beatcraft but if they don’t I will purchase some new software. YOUR SAMPLES ARE THAT GOOD! Thanks again for your excellent customer service. Art Johnson

Everything is downloaded and functional – thank you for helping me out with that. The samples are fantastic! Again, please keep up the good work! – Michael Isel

Man…Most of these @#^% samples ROCK….WOW!!!! Thanks. — Bruce Beaulieu (Canada)

Thanks for sending me the downloads. The two snares sound very good, and was glad to see there were like 60 or so different velocity samples for each snare. Please let me know if you will send more, or if that was it. If more, I will still purchase more drums…I just didn’t want to purchase anything you might be sending later (if you were to). One last thing…the Metal Kick 08 (Kick E2) from the rock bass drum collection are the best kick samples I’ve ever heard in a drum sampler. Sounds much like Vinnie Paul’s kick drums, which is actually what I’ve been searching for the most. Thanks, ~ Steve Winters

I’ll be using these drum samples for replacement – I run Drumagog to trigger my shell. Love the tone of it, a lot more punch behind it than most samples I can find. Thanks! Chris Piquette

LOVING THESE SAMPLES (and your budget friendly prices too!) Plus your quick responses and taking care of my issue earlier have impressed me. I will certainly be recommending Drum Werks to other people. Thanks again, Gene Seybold 

You rock with supremacy! All dialed in. Great customer service bro! You can print that!!! –Tommy Carter Everything works 100% Awesome sounds awesome service thanks a bunch! — Charl Jordaan (South Africa)

So you know, after I finally managed to download the Tama kit the other day I played with it last night and was so impressed I came back to get the Zildjian K hats today. Just awesome. Sure you can’t replace a real drummer but it comes pretty close. Love the Drum Werks stuff. Don’t be surprised if I come back for some more real soon. Thanks again, David O’Reilly Australia

Thank you – the download worked great. The sounds are amazing. I can’t wait to purchase more kits from you guys in the future. Thank you very very much – Rich Scarano

All done guys 🙂 thanks… Will spread the word to all my recording friends, about the great samples… and great help Thanks, Paul Jackson (U.K.)


Sometimes the best review is the music!   

We recently received a great example of what can be done with our drum samples. Now, we only offer clean, natural drum samples – we can’t possibly know where they will show up or how they will even sound when our users treat them to their own distinctive musical tastes. But, after all, isn’t that the beauty of music and working with the right tools? The following video is courtesy of Erwin Steijlen, an immensely talented musician from the Netherlands. As he explains it:

I just bought a couple of snares from your Drumwerks website. Love the Ludwig Black Beauty! I bought some stuff from you last year and the year before, These sounds are in my files and get used a lot. But it’s almost never just one sample… always a mix. But yours are def. in there!

“Walk The Line” Written, recorded and mixed by Erwin Steijlen. Sung by Jerry Given.

How did Erwin create such a massive drum sound using Drum Werks drum samples?

He explained it further to us. What I do is a little complicated but the only way to get the sound I like. First I make a midi drumtrack with random samples. Then I record these tracks to audio in Protools, each to a single audiotrack. So, I have about 8 to 10 drumtracks in audio. I then load Drumagog or Trigger and I load these with multiple samples, so the snare you hear on “Walk The Line” are at least 4 different snare samples. I tune these in Trigger and mess around with the volumes. When I’m happy I send all of my drums (except for the HH and Cymbals) to a buss where I parallel compress these to death ;)) – I mix this stereo buss with the original signal until I’m happy.

We’d have to agree – this track (and video) sounds awesome. Just awesome. Discover more of Erwin’s music at Styles Music Group.

Some Kind Words on the KVR and Other Forums!   

One of our Drum Werks drum sample users pointed a few nice posts about us over at the kvraudio.com forums as well as few other places. As you know, forums can be brutally honest, so it’s nice to see we are living up to what we set out to do: deliver high-quality, low-cost, no-nonsense acoustic drum samples!

“Check out https://www.drumwerks.com. They have awesome sounding unprocessed acoustic drum samples. You can get full drumset sample packs (Yamaha, DW, etc) for under $15, or individual drum element sample packs (snare, kick, cymbals, etc) for about $4. These are professionally recorded acoustic drums, and i doubt you’ll find a better price/quality combo anywhere!” “The Hi-Hat sample packs at https://www.drumwerks.com are excellent sounding, and only $3.99 per pack. There are several well known Hi-Hats brands to choose from (Sabian, Zildjian, etc), pro studio quality recording, and contain many sample layers for a very natural and articulate acoustic Hi-Hat sound. Best on the market for the price hands down!”

“Take a look at DrumWerks if you’re after a seriously nice metal/rock kit. The DW Collector’s Maple Full Kit has a stunning solid meaty sound to it that will work well for the type of bands you’re referring to in your initial post.” “I bought/downloaded some really nice drum samples that were sampled from several High end maple drum kits and some studio kits. I added the samples to Beatcraft and set up a great sounding drum kit… Go to the Download link, it was $24.99 for 4 kits but you can buy just one kit. The DW collectors kit sounded the best for what I do, but all the kits sounded great. There were 830 files and it was 582 mb, it was a great deal. 24 bit samples.”

Some Reaction to the Latest Drum Werks Drum Sample Sets!  

So you know, after I finally managed to download the Tama kit the other day I played with it last night and was so impressed I came back to get the Zildjian K hats today. Just awesome. Sure you can’t replace a real drummer but it comes pretty close. Love the Drum Werks stuff. Download worked perfectly and samples sound amazing. Looking forward to working with these samples. Don’t be surprised if I come back for some more real soon. Thanks again, David O’Reilly Australia

The drum tracks are incredible. The quality of the recordings is fantastic. Crisp, clean and live! I had just been finishing a piece and decided to trash my drum machine cymbal tracks for some of the stuff from Drum Werks. Really nice. I’ll be doing more business with you in the future and recommending your products. Best Regards, Mike Fasse

WOW! I think you set a record for response time and resolution! Thank you so much!The drums sound fantastic .I will definitely be doing more business with you. The drums are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you, Barry Stevens I used the DW Collector’s Maple Full in NI Battery 3. Didn’t really tweak them – those samples are stellar! Macy Malone www.macymalone.net

Thank you for this. I Love these samples. They work so well with my music. Plan to stock up in the future. Thanks again. James Hilzman

Will spread the word to all my recording friends about the great samples… and great help. Thanks, Paul Jackson

Everything works 100%. Awesome sounds, awesome service – thanks a bunch! Charl You rock with supremacy! All dialed in. Great customer service bro! You can print that!!! TOMMY CARTER

The instant download stuff is genius. Also, great sounds. Fantastically priced and honestly more samples included then I expected. I was thinking when I opened the zip files I’d see 3 or 4 different velocities. WOW – you guys have done it. Great sounds ready to drop into my mixes and slam through. You’ll hear your snares on the next record for The Wiebes Music – I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you but they sell quite well in Canada. Talk soon, Steve Klassen The Wiebes Music

Latest Drum Werks Praise   

I just wanted to email and say that I am 100% happy with your drum products. I have searched the internet to find drum samples. I tried smart loops, beatbasics to name a few. I even downloaded one drum sample package called “A Thousand and One Snares.” And another one that cost $20.00 that was called rims and sticks. And there was not one snare that could be used on either one. You have the best drum samples that I have found and the best price also. 95% of drum samples out there are not usable. I just wanted to email and say keep up the good work. – Steven Kamer

Can I just say that out of all the drum samples I’ve gathered over the years these are the best sounding and most usable ones I’ve come across. Thanks again, Aram Anson

Thanks so much! The download worked and I have the files so I can start to enjoy the drums :-). You guys have a great service! Keep up the good work! Greetings, Klaas de Beer from the NL I used the DW Collector’s Maple Full in NI Battery 3 on the music I submitted. Didn’t really tweak them either! Glad you like it. Those samples are stellar! When are you going to have the Black Beauty samples available? Macy Malone

*Macy – the new samples are rolling in, including the Ludwig Black Beauty ones! Check out the download store for the latest drum sample updates..

Kind Words Come in on the Latest Releases! 

Hi guys – just wanted to let you know that I ‘m very happy with the sounds I recently purchased from you (Nashville Sticks and Brushes). Took a few minutes to create a new EXS24 multi out instrument, but was well worth it. I’m an old guitar player from North Hollywood who has been living in Australia for the last 9 years – currently working on an album of contemporary country tunes, and this new set is perfect for the job. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be sure to pass the word about your samples down under, here in Australia. Thanks again. Best, Scott Lloyd Shelly www.scottlloydshelly.com

I am not sending you this message because I’m disappointed or anything. I’m sending you this to explain how happy I am that you do exist. Really good stuff, never heard anything this GREAT as yours before. Just wanted to express my feelings (in my crappy English style) and tell you that I am a customer that will dedicate my surf time to your site from now on. I hope it’s ok, sending you this message.. I just couldn’t help myself. Thanks! Regards Adam Fredriksson (Sweden)

“Thanks for all your help – it is so refreshing to deal with an efficient download site!! The samples are amazing, I have just stuck the Ludwig Supraphonic into Drumagog on a dull snare track and it really brings the drums to life. Thanks and looking forward to future releases!” Sean Hurley

“Thanks Drum Werks. These are great sounding drums.” — John Garner

“The Nashville kit is great, so thanks again!” – Alexei Gural

“The DW Kit, which included some snares, kicks, toms and sticks, are great and work perfectly.” Cheers, Ben Kontoolas

“I just finished downloading. Thanks a lot for your kind help. Now I will start working on my drum sets. The Pearl kicks are just what I needed. I will come back and order more samples…………thank you again. Have a nice day! Kindly Martin Bering Mulvad

More Kind Words about Drum Werks! 

I just purchased and downloaded the Ludwig snare and wanted to tell you that I think it’s great. I replaced an old snare sample with the Ludwig in a song I’ve been working on and it brought the whole mix to life. I’m still using the old LinPlug RMIII inside of Sonar 5. Your snare works great with it. I definitely plan to get more. Thanks, George Enete Baton Rouge, LA

The DW kit is awesome guys – When can we expect some more samples? Awesome pricing as well. I will definitely be back for more sounds in the future for my upcoming projects. They work great with in Drumagog and Reason 3.0. Keep up the work. Jonathan Roye – Blue Wave Audio Solutions http://www.reverbnation.com/bluewaveaudiosolutions

Thanks! Everything is downloaded and sounds great. I used the [Ludwig Supraphonic] snare in the studio for an EP and fell in love. I’am glad to find a good sample of it for future projects. I think your work is excellent and can’t wait to use the samples in my next recording project. Warm Regards, Mark Beling

I really dig the DW full kit, hell and both the Premier and tama are hot. Thanks! Rob S.

I’ve bought several samples from you guys (great stuff-keep it up!) Is there any chance that you’ll start releasing samples in GOG files? Tom Harmon

New Round of User Feedback and Reviews! 

 “I really love this entire concept and your company has some really amazing samples. Thank You!” – Al GARZA “I bought the DW full maple kit and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! Great work and thanks!” -Chris Magyaros

You’re the man! Thank you very much. It’s an excellent combo, crisp and clear with just enough punch. There’s just not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate your work. I have nearly everything you have to offer. That’s because it is stuff that WORKS. It’s very mixable, very clean, with a lot of choice. I have used every major drum loop in the business. Even the super expensive multi track stuff and I honestly have to say your stuff sounds better. Plus I don’t have to waste hundreds of hours mixing it together or trying to re Eq the sound to fit. The loops come out of the box ready for a final mixdown with other instruments and the samples can turn even the most basic midi work very realistic.The results for both are warm and balanced. So I mean it when I say please keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to future releases. As for service… The rest of the industry should take a lesson here. Instead of trying to squeeze every dime out of me, it’s obvious that you have sincere commitment to customer satisfaction. So “Thank you very much for your work and sense of ‘fairplay’ (no pun intended)!” Very Best Regards, Dan Jaynes

I purchased the Tama Starclassic maple recording kit sample set about two months ago, and I love it! My programmed beats have never sounded more realistic, I have people ask all the time who my drummer is, and where on Earth I recorded my drum tracks at lol. Thank you SO much! Scott Powell

Those new clips are sounding great so far. The SC_Kick_B set especially sounds fantastic. You guys are doing some great work there. I can’t wait to lay down some bass lines over the drums here. I may have to check out some of the individual packs as well. Thanks again. Charlie Hooper

A Few More Kind Words! 

“Thanks! I love these sounds; the 24″ Pearl kick is especially exquisite.” – Scott Weber

“I got the samples and at first sight they sound GREAT! Thank You!” – Ekku Jorkinen (Finland)

“Got ’em. Thanks man. Great samples, BTW.” – Stephen Brittell

Thanks a bunch for the birch kit. I’ve just picked out my first snare and hi-hat to round out a set. You can expect my business from now on. I am curious when I could expect to find some piccolo/popcorn snares on here, and perhaps some tambourine/shakers, etc. I’m doing some reggae and ska, and need some stuff with more POP :). Thanks for the quality sounds.” — Michael Dufault

Kind Words are Just Starting to Come in!   

I was remixing a project where the drums had been very poorly recorded. I needed some new samples and fast. The Drum Werks site was easy to navigate and the samples were very high quality. I found just what I needed and downloaded the sounds in to my Drumagog. Drum Werks saved the remixing session. Thanks. Bob McGilpin Nashville Producer and Sound Designer for Moviecues.com

S W E E T!!!! You guys kick @$$ ! You definitely have a devoted customer here! I’ll be picking up a couple of loop packs and samples this week! Any update as when the percussion sample packs are coming out? I would love to pick these up as well! Aaron Moya

Very, very usable stuff! Thank you for putting these up. The Pearl Steve Ferrone is PERFECT for the laid back tune I was writing. Just the sound I needed to make the track work. Let me know when you have more available. L. Curtis