Drum Werks Drum Samples Audio Demos

Drum Werks offers 100% acoustic drum samples of drumkits, snares, kicks, cymbals and percussion. These high-quality and affordable drum tools are a true alternative to high-priced drum virtual instruments like Superior Drums, Addictive Drums, Slate Drums, and Native Instruments. The bottom line is that all of these tools are used for the same purpose: to create new drum tracks without the cost, time, and effort of recording live drums.And, many feel what is offer gets that job done for much less cost.

While we get asked many questions regarding audio formats (all Drum Werks samples are stereo 24/44 .WAV format), the number of round-robin options (more than needed for realistic rolls, fills, and patterns) and software compatibility (basically every audio DAW software or program out there, there is really only one question you should be asking yourself: How do these drums actually sound?

Well, we have an answer. And, it won’t take another word from us to tell you what our live, acoustic drum samples can do for you. Have a listen to what Drum Werks artists have shared with us below.

Studio B Kick Drum Samples

The kick drum is the pulse of your music. Choose the wrong sound and your song will suffer. When you need some different sound options, that’s where the Studio B Kick Drum Samples Collection comes to the rescue. This bundle packs includes a number of different sound options, from big and beefy to tight and clicky. These mix-ready kick drum samples will add definition and depth to your drum mix with some of the most recognizable names in drums at your disposal. Get the drum sounds your mixes need.
This downloadable sample pack offers multi-velocity kick samples in 24/44 .WAV stereo format. Perfect for use in your favorite drum replacer plugin, and get the drum mixes you’ve been searching for.

Studio B Ludwig Snare Samples

With natural and unprocessed tones, the Studio B Ludwig Snares sample library offers a versatile and powerful mix-ready snare drum sample collection for use in a wide range of musical mixes. This snare drum sample library features three different Ludwig snare drums (Acrolite, Supraphonic, and Black Beauty Ludwig snares), and is available for instant download in 24-bit WAV audio format. Individual snare sample packs are also available for download.

Pearl Snare Drum Samples: 50+ Snares Power Pack

The Pearl Snare Samples Collection delivers nearly 5,000 24/44 WAV files, and weighs in at over 4 GB of pristine snare samples. The Drum Werks Complete Pearl Snare Samples Collection is a massively diverse snare sample library that captures all the flavors and tones of 100% pure and natural acoustic snare drums. There’s a snare drum sample in this collection for whatever style of music you play, be it rock, metal, blues, funk, country, or pop. Only you will know just that right snare that will complement your music.

Metal and Hard Rock Kick Drum Samples Bundle

Powerful kick drum samples to give your low-end the depth and attack you’ve been after. With eight different sampled kick drums, we’ve captured the punch and attack your metal and hard rock music demands. These kick samples were inspired by and modeled after the glorious kick tones of Metallica, Disturbed, Children of Bodom and more.

The Metal and Hard Rock Kick Drum Samples release is a powerful collection of bass drums to do the job right when your music demands earth-shattering lows and crack-your-chest attack. Need other kick drum samples, we have those too!

More Drum Samples from Drum Werks at Work

Here are a number of different audio demos highlighting the samples in various rock and metal styles. All samples are Drum Werks samples and feature different combinations of our sample packs at work. What can you come up with? Check out the full lineup of drum samples and find out!