Need Metal and Hard Rock Kick Samples Collection!

Many requests have come in for a set of kick drum samples geared specifically for metal and hard rock – we’re proud to announce, they’re here!Drum Samples by Drum Werks

This powerful collection of kick drum samples includes eight different kick sample packs and are full of the punch and attack metal and hard rock music demand. With kick samples modeled after the glorious kick tones of Metallica, Disturbed, Children of Bodom and more, this powerful collection will do the job if your music demand earth-shattering lows and crack-your-chest attack.

Unlike most of the natural kick drum samples we offer, the Metal and Hard Rock Kick Samples Collection has been expressively recorded, mixed, and printed as “ready-to-go” samples that need no further EQ or processing to be effective. It’s simply as easy as download, load, and hear the difference.

All eight sample sets are offered as 24/44 stereo .WAV format files as well as Slate’s Trigger .tci format.

Learn more, preview, and order the Metal and Hard Rock Kick Drum Samples Bundle today.

Audio Demos: