Powerful metal drum samples now available for download.

Product Image of Bay Area 3 Metal Drum Samples

Getting the right drum sound for metal can be a challenge. Beyond the obvious challenges of getting the right drumkit, tuning, micing, and mixing, you need a great room to capture the true depth and sonic power of the many different drum shells and cymbals. For less than $20, you can get all this hard work done for you.

Bay Area Metal 3 has the cymbal and drum samples you need for modern metal production. This hard-hitting metal sample pack has attack and punch you’d expect in metal with over 660 MB of powerful, full-bodied drum samples and dry, trashy cymbal samples.

With an all-new drum kit and cymbal array, Bay Area Drums 3 is a complete drum and cymbal sample collection will deliver the power, punch, and attack that your metal songwriting demands. We recorded these drums in the same studio as the Bay Area Drums 1 and Bay Area Drums 2 sample packs after great success with t

With a 6-piece drum kit configuration, this kit is designed for metal and hard rock. Blistering blasts, heavy half-times, epic tom rolls – this sample kit will deliver the drum parts you need with stunningly realism and power.

Bay Area 3 is mixed and ready to power your songwriting projects, as sequenced MIDI tracks or for drum replacement. It’s time to give your hard rock and metal drum tracks the drums that will get the job done.

Total Downloadable Content: 662 MB total Samples | 575 multi-velocity hits | 24/44 stereo WAV audio format.

Learn, listen, and download these powerful metal drum samples now.