Some Kind Words about Drum Werks Drum Samples!

Some new words sent our way. We always appreciate the time everyone takes to send in their feedback. Read on if you want to know what you’re getting if you get Drum Werks drum samples.


Five Stars Review “Thank you so much for giving the time to help me. I have received all the kits now and they are great. I will be recommending you guys. Thanks again!” — Samuel Webb

Five Stars Review“Thank you for providing awesome sample for a great affordable price.” — Christopher Wolfla

Five Stars Review“I’ve been looking for great AAX series samples for a long time! These guys sound huge – good job! I work here with hardcore, metal and punk bands so these samples sound awesome in my mixes!” — Vasily Kuznetsov

Five Stars Review“Keep up the great work. I love the concept your company has in mind. It’s hard finding great acoustic drum sounds that haven’t been compressed to s#!t lol. I just got that LA kit and I like it. Great kits and sounds. I will be purchasing more sounds from you guys in the future. Thanks for the speedy support.” — Andre Thompson

Five Stars Review“I downloaded just about everything on your site, WOW- -that was fast! They sound GREAT. THANKS!” — Russell Wilson

Five Stars Review“Thank You! These sound great, perfect for drum augmentation or replacement.” — Willie Crisel

DRUM WERKS NOTE: Now, here are three that got a bit more into detail and are really nice ones to hear – thoughtful, thorough, and heart-felt. This makes all the tedious drum sample work worth it!

Five Stars ReviewHey, thanks again for letting me find the perfect snare sample from your collection. I can’t believe the amount of work you must have put into these! They’re all great sounding. I ended up layering the Supraphonic (the one I bought) with the Ludwig BB IV dry sample you sent me. I dropped the volume on the Ludwig by 3db in Kontakt. The combination has a nice deep clear stereo tone to it.

I also bought your Premier Artist Birch kick this morning and teamed that up with the Pearl SMX Maple kick I bought yesterday. Sounds wonderful! For the first time I can actually feel a chesty kick drum without the use of EQ. Very happy! Now onto Toms…

I noticed you don’t have a collection of toms on your site. Any idea if that’ll ever happen? If not, could you recommend another company that samples drums as good as you? I have my Ocean Way silver collection but it’s a little dated sounding now that I’ve heard your drums.

Really appreciate the customer service! You floored me yesterday when I saw the links. I look forward to seeing more offerings on your site.

Kind regards,

Jonathan B


Five Stars Review Thank you for the quick response – I’ve been waiting to hear these samples. Wow!

I just finished programming a project for Arrow Records here in Atlanta. I wish I had these samples for that last project I just wrapped up. The clarity, tones, and even the air surrounding the drums were all captured so well.

I will be passing your name out to all my buddies here in the industry. People need to know who you guys are!

Thank you for such a great product.


Antwane M. McMullin


Five Stars ReviewGuys, I just want to write back and thank you for the quality of your work here.

Honestly, I’m stunned!

I don’t know what to say, except that my snare search is now OVER.

I purchased both snare sample libraries, and there looks to be about twenty three multi-sampled snares here, and every single one is a “Gem”!, crystal clear recording and absolutely the perfect amount of punch, rattle and “ting” on every sample.

Not to mention at least fifty multi-samples for every snare, covering basically every possible hit, center, rim shots, stick, and even double hits for most of them, as well as an over abundance of velocity levels for each type of hit.

I found your site after downloading and experimenting with close to twenty drum sample libraries, and your library is by far the best of any, in terms of both the top quality and sheer quantity of samples, and usability of every single snare selection.

I’ve discovered the hard way that most people who record drums, do not understand that the brightness and personality of a snare in the high frequencies can always be E.Q.’d down if needed, but can never be added. These samples are “crisp” but well balanced, all of them!

All the same can be said for the three Hi Hat libraries!

I want to thank you for actually providing a sample wave library, instead of locking everything up in a VST instrument which I don’t need. Also, much appreciated is getting, in my estimation, a $200 sample library here, for $35 (Wow!)

Great Work!!!

Everett Sellner

a.k.a. “UncleSeaweed”