Reactions to the Latest Sounds!

We always appreciate it when customers contact us to let us know how our samples are working for them. Without the efforts of these talented musicians, what good would our drums be? Here are some of the latest kind words to come to us by email:

Five Stars ReviewThe drum samples are fantastic, much more natural/real sounding than the overly processed Steven Slate which I’ve used. I get bored of snares and kicks quite quick so the ability to jump on your website and buy some individual new ones is a big plus! I much prefer this than purchasing massive libraries where only some kits/hits are of my style. Thanks again, Ryan Miller

Five Stars ReviewThanks for a quick response! I downloaded the files, all is OK now. Great job! Long ago I was looking for snare sounds like the David Bendeth productions. Your snares are very similar. I´ll be waiting for the toms library! Kind Regards, Adrian Charras

Five Stars ReviewThe download worked great. I am not sure if your samples will work with mixcraft and beatcraft but if they don’t I will purchase some new software. YOUR SAMPLES ARE THAT GOOD! Thanks again for your excellent customer service. — Art Johnson

Five Stars ReviewEverything is downloaded and functional – thank you for helping me out with that. The samples are fantastic! Again, please keep up the good work! — Michael Isel

Five Stars ReviewMan…Most of these @#^% samples ROCK….WOW!!!! Thanks. — Bruce Beaulieu (Canada)

Five Stars ReviewThanks for sending me the downloads. The two snares sound very good, and was glad to see there were like 60 or so different velocity samples for each snare. Please let me know if you will send more, or if that was it. If more, I will still purchase more drums…I just didn’t want to purchase anything you might be sending later (if you were to).

One last thing…the Metal Kick 08 (Kick E2) from the rock bass drum collection are the best kick samples I’ve ever heard in a drum sampler. Sounds much like Vinnie Paul’s kick drums, which is actually what I’ve been searching for the most.


~ Steve Winters

Five Stars ReviewI’ll be using these drum samples for replacement – I run Drumagog to trigger my shell. Love the tone of it, a lot more punch behind it than most samples I can find. Thanks! — Chris Piquette

Five Stars ReviewLOVING THESE SAMPLES (and your budget friendly prices too!) Plus your quick responses and taking care of my issue earlier have impressed me. I will certainly be recommending Drum Werks drum samples to other people. Thanks again, Gene Seybold

Five Stars ReviewYou rock with supremacy! All dialed in. Great customer service bro! You can print that!!! –Tommy Carter

Five Stars ReviewEverything works 100% Awesome sounds, awesome service. Thanks a bunch! — Charl Jordaan (South Africa)

Five Stars ReviewSo you know, after I finally managed to download the Tama kit the other day I played with it last night and was so impressed I came back to get the Zildjian K hats today. Just awesome. Sure you can’t replace a real drummer but it comes pretty close. Love the Drum Werks stuff. Don’t be surprised if I come back for some more real soon.

Thanks again,

David O’Reilly


Five Stars ReviewThank you – the download worked great. The sounds are amazing. I can’t wait to purchase more kits from you guys in the future. Thank you very very much. – Rich Scarano

Five Stars ReviewAll done guys ? thanks… Will spread the word to all my recording friends about the great drum samples… and great help. Thanks, Paul Jackson (U.K.)