Some Reaction to the Latest Drum Werks Drum Sample Sets!

A few emails sent our way about how the Drum Werks are working for users…


Five Stars Review So you know, after I finally managed to download the Tama kit the other day I played with it last night and was so impressed I came back to get the Zildjian K hats today. Just awesome. Sure you can’t replace a real drummer but it comes pretty close.

Love the Drum Werks stuff. Download worked perfectly and samples sound amazing. Looking forward to working with these samples.

Don’t be surprised if I come back for some more real soon.

Thanks again,

David O’Reilly


Five Stars ReviewThe drum tracks are incredible. The quality of the recordings is fantastic. Crisp, clean and live! I had just been finishing a piece and decided to trash my drum machine cymbal tracks for some of the stuff from Drum Werks. Really nice. I’ll be doing more business with you in the future and recommending your products.

Best Regards,

Mike Fasse

Five Stars ReviewWOW! I think you set a record for response time and resolution! Thank you so much!The drums sound fantastic .I will definitely be doing more business with you.

The drums are absolutely amazing!!!

Thank you,

Barry Stevens

Five Stars ReviewI used the DW Collector’s Maple Full in NI Battery 3. Didn’t really tweak them – those samples are stellar!

Macy Malone

Five Stars ReviewThank you for this. I Love these samples. They work so well with my music. Plan to stock up in the future.

Thanks again.

James Hilzman

Five Stars ReviewWill spread the word to all my recording friends about the great samples… and great help.


Paul Jackson

Five Stars ReviewEverything works 100%. Awesome sounds, awesome service – thanks a bunch! — Charl

Five Stars ReviewYou rock with supremacy! All dialed in. Great customer service bro! You can print that!!! —TOMMY CARTER

Five Stars ReviewThe instant download stuff is genius. Also, great sounds. Fantastically priced and honestly more samples included then I expected. I was thinking when I opened the zip files I’d see 3 or 4 different velocities.

WOW – you guys have done it. Great sounds ready to drop into my mixes and slam through.

You’ll hear your snares on the next record for The Wiebes Music – I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you but they sell quite well in Canada.

Talk soon,

Steve Klassen

The Wiebes Music