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Kick Drum Samples

Need kick drum samples? The kind of bass drums that will really lock in the low end on your mixes?

Get the kick drum sound you’re looking for. Thick, fat, resonant, tight, or punchy, we can get you the tone and tuning you’re after. We’ve sampled our extensive collection of bass drums to deliver the perfect kick sound for your drum tracks.

Whether you’re after brutal attack for metal and hard rock or low-end warmth for blues, jazz, or rock, we’ve got it. Blend these samples with existing kick drum tracks or create new instruments in your favorite drum virtual instrument software.

It’s time to add some impact and clarity to your low end with live, acoustic kick drum samples. Choose from kick drums from Tama, Pearl, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig, and Premier in the sample packs below.

Kick Samples

More About Drum Werks Kick Samples

We've sampled many different kick drums to stock the Drum Werks catalog. Each sample library offers 100% live, acoustic kick drums. These real and ready collections are well-suited for many, different music styles.

Drum Werks Kick Samples Features

Wide Range of Dynamics: All sample packs include multi-velocity samples. You get the softest articulations all the way up to full-out slams. Downloads are available as 24-bit, 44.1khz stereo .WAV audio format files.

Wide Range of Tunings and Resonances: From loose and flappy to tight and punchy, we've really explored the sonic potential of our sampled kick drums.