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Need snare samples? We’ve got one for you! Looking for snare samples? Find the snare drum sound you are looking for with hundreds of downloadable sample packs. All Drum Werks drum samples are perfect for sound replacement, MIDI performances, and e-kit sound banks.

Explore our growing collection of downloadable snare sample packs and find the snare sounds you’re after.

Snare Samples


More About Snare Drum Samples from Drum Werks

You'll find many different kinds of snare drum samples in the Drum Werks catalog. Each sample library offers a versatile and powerful mix-ready collection of snare samples for use in a wide range of musical mixes. Get some unprocessed and 100% live snare sounds into your music with Drum Werks.

Drum Werks Snare Samples Features

Varied Articulations: All snare drum sample packs offer multi-velocity samples available as 24-bit, 44.1khz stereo .WAV audio format files. Most include include stick, cross-stick, and flams in a wide variety of snare tunings and resonances.

Full Range of Sample Velocity: Each sampled drum features a natural range of velocities. In general, samples were recorded, created, and edited to offer Five velocity zones: extra-soft, soft, medium, medium-hard, hard, crack. Multiple samples at each zone/velocity layer.

Wide Range of Drum Tuning and Texture: Certain iconic drums, like the Ludwig Black Beauty, were recorded using decidedly different snare tunings, covering the full sonic range of the drum. Whether the snare drum sound you're after is low and fat or high and crisp, we've created a snare sound right for many different styles of music.

Thorough Resonance for Authentic Drum Sounds: All snare samples present the full, natural decay of the drum. There are no one second samples that cut off all the natural resonance. We let these drums ring and sing! In doing so, we capture the space of the drum room so all the samples are as live and authentic as they can be.

Natural, Unprocessed Sound Samples: Unless specified, we do not process our samples with EQ, compression, transient shapers, and other EFX. Our samples are pure and clear audio, straight from the mics to the preamps to you. Some products, however, are pre-mixed for a very specific musical purpose. This is intentional and you should hear it immediately upon listening.

Universal Compatibility: As all Drum Werks samples are 44100 Hz 24-bit WAV stereo samples, they are ideal for universal use and application in all DAWs, virtual instruments, and drum replacement software. Please note: Some older sample unit do require the use of 16-bit .WAV audio, so consult your unit's technical specifications if you are unsure of 24-bit compatibility.

In short, Drum Werks offers songwriters, producers, and musicians an easy and affordable way to download premium snare drum samples that are easy to use and sound great. Explore our online catalog and find the snare sound right for your next production.