Drum Samples

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If you write heavy music, this sample pack will hold up to some serious hard rock and metal punishment. With over 600 MB of single hits, get the powerful drum sounds needed for today's metal and hard rock drum mixes. 342 multi-velocity samples, 24-bit stereo .WAV format. Slate Trigger (.tci) and Kontakt (.nki and .nkm) files included.


Drum samples ready for the assault of modern metal! Add serious power and attack to your drum tracks with 500+ MB of powerful drums and cymbals. 


 Need warm, punchy, natural acoustic rock drums? A compact sample set with 24-bit .WAV single hits and multiple velocity layers per articulation for realistic versatility.


The sound of many 80's classic metal tracks with amazing cutting power and bone-dry sound.

Sample Pack

Over 675 MB of Ludwig snare drum samples, in a variety of tunings and resonances. If you're after a rock snare sample, you're covered. Also at home in metal, pop, and country drum tracks. 


Fat. Beefy. Scooped. Clicky. This bundle presents 8 folders of diverse kick drum sounds designed for hard and heavy styles of music. Save over 30% with this kick bundle!


This snare bundle features 18 different snares, 4+ GB of 24-bit .WAV sample content, 5000+ multi-velocity single hits in 53 snare folders. Snare sounds overload!


Acoustic drum samples for all styles of modern country, country-rock music as as rock and alt-rock styles. These are big and bold drum samples!


A powerful bundle of kick drum samples optimized for metal and hard rock. Add some clarity to your low-end.


The snare sound behind most hit recordings, the Ludwig Supraphonic is a "must-have" snare.  These snare samples will add the perfect snare sound to your drum tracks.


Full-bodied crash cymbal perfect for the many styles of music.


This highly-coveted snare drum has the snare drum sound you've heard in countless hits.  Nearly 100 multi-velocity snare hits perfect to sweeten you alt rock, rock, punk, funk drum tracks.