About Drum Werks Drum Samples

Drum Samples by Drum WerksDrum Werks™ provides premium acoustic drum and cymbal samples. Download vintage and modern samples for full drumkits or individual kicks, snares, toms, crash cymbals, rides, hihats, and percussion- all meticulously recorded, mixed, and ready for your favorite software or hardware sampler.

Sequence powerful drum tracks or enhance existing ones with drum replacement – the multi-velocity drum sample packs are pure and 100% natural drum and cymbal sounds. Get the drum sounds your music needs, as you need them.

Drummers Know How Drums Should Sound

With extensive experience in a wide range of musical styles, the drummers here at Drum Werks are fortunate enough to be able to pass along this experience and expertise to others. While the musical journey is never completed for any musician, our experience in rock, metal, jazz, country, pop and blues help bring you the sounds found here at Drum Werks. Being drummers for all these years allow us the opportunity to share our knowledge and sounds.

The purpose and motivation to create this site is admittedly and definitely selfish. We could never find a good source of quality ACOUSTIC drum and cymbal samples that proved to fit our music. Sure, there are many other drum sample resources out there but they usually offered electronic drums or were not created by drummers who know the instruments inside and out – how they are played, how they are tuned (or could be tuned), and how they should sound in particular musical situations.

A lot of sample sites offer “snare samples” but do they know the difference between a maple or brass snare drum? A Ludwig Black Beauty or a Supraphonic? Odds are, they don’t. To them, a snare goes “crack” or “pop” and that’s it. We hope to expand upon this simplistic view of drums and give you not only great sounds, but the knowledge to use them in specific musical applications as well. Only the seasoned drummers who contribute to Drum Werks can do that.

We’d like to think that because we are drummers that we know drums best – let the programmers do what they do best and we will stick to what we know – drums!

We had to Share these Drum Sounds


Once we had a substantial quantity of drum and cymbal samples in the can, we knew it was time to share. They could only do us so much good after all. We decided that our growing drum and cymbal collection of sounds could and should be shared with others, at a fair price and with the convenience of an instant download delivery system. We know that many musicians do not want to pay $200-$300 just to get a decent sounding collection of acoustic drums and cymbals.

This is what drives our low prices and our instant download delivery system. We hope we have succeeded in giving users the world over a great, inexpensive source of great sounds from some of the best known drums, cymbals and percussion around.

The Bottom Line?

Our philosophy is simple and will always stay that way. To give musicians worldwide easy, affordable and complete access to the world’s greatest drum and cymbal sounds. From the modern drums to the veritable classics and stand-bys. This is what inspired us to create the site and it will stay true as we continue to update and expand the sample library.

Our only ambition is to give you, the musicians of the world, the sounds that will inspire you to the heights of creativity and take you farther on your own journey of creating music.