Drum Kits

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Need full drumkit samples? 
Choose from complete drum kit samples of “must have” drums and cymbals. We’ve captured acoustic samples from modern and vintage drum kits, featuring extensive multiple velocity samples to create realistic drum tracks.


If you write heavy music, this metal drum sample pack will hold up to some serious punishment. With over 600 MB of 44.1kHz/24-bit stereo .WAV format content, get the powerful drum sounds needed for today's metal and hard rock drum mixes. 342 multi-velocity samples, 24-bit stereo .WAV format. Slate Trigger (.tci) and Kontakt (.nki and .nkm) files included.


Drum samples ready for the assault of modern metal! Add serious power and attack to your drum tracks with 500+ MB of powerful drums and cymbals.  


  Need warm, punchy, natural acoustic rock drums? A compact sample set with 24-bit .WAV single hits and multiple velocity layers per articulation for realistic versatility.


Punchy drum samples for Alt and Indie Rock songwriters. The Premier Artist Birch Alt Rock Kit is a five-piece drum kit and a full array of cymbals that is ready to add some grit and bite to your drum tracks.


Acoustic drumkit samples for all styles of modern country, country-rock music as as rock and alt-rock styles. These are big and bold drum samples!


This drum kit samples pack is punchy and resonant. A full array of drums and cymbals, this streamlined set of drum samples will deliver the tones your drum tracks need.


A no-frills set of drum samples in this "drums-only" shell pack.  The Premier birch drum shells have a deep, tight low-end with plenty of high-end attack. Some of our punchiest and driest samples in our shop!