Free Drum Samples from Drum Werks!

Thanks for visiting Drum Werks and considering our all-acoustic lineup of drum samples! We’ve made it worth your while with a number of free, no-strings-attached sets of drum samples. Preview to hear the drum in action live and download the complete matching samples from that very drum. If you like what you hear, we hope you visit the rest of the site for more comprehensive download packs of drum samples that will inspire your music.

Free Snare Sample Set 01

Download these drum samples: Drum Werks Samples Black Beauty Muted

Free Snare Sample Set 02

Same drum and same tuning as the sample set above, but with no muting for a more open and resonant set of samples. Blend the snare samples from each set to get the perfect mix of dry crack and open overtones.

Download these drum samples: Drum Werks Samples Black Beauty Open

Free Snare Sample Set 03

A different taste of Ludwig. These samples feature the ever-ready Ludwig Acrolite at a medium-high tension. While the open resonance may not be for everyone’s mix, there’s plenty of headroom to apply EQ and processing. Try using a transient shaper, compression, and gate to dry these snare samples out and get the snare sound to work for you.

Download the drum samples: Drum Werks Samples Acrolite Muted 292

More free drum samples to be added here…