The Drum Werks Difference

Why Drum Werks? What Makes Drum Werks Samples Different?

Drum Werks is your source for premium drum samples and cymbal samples, ready for use in a wide variety of musical styles and popular software platforms. We give you great drum sounds for less, whether you download individual drum sample packs or complete multi-velocity drum kit sample sets.

How you want to use Drum Werks drum samples is up to you, but we know out users have achieved great results using the samples for drum replacement, MIDI drum track construction, and live e-kit performances. If you’re after fresh sounds to inspire your music and don’t have access to shelves of drumkits, kicks, snares, or cymbals, then we’re here to help you.

Why Drum Werks?

  • Easy to Use
  • Professional Sounds
  • Affordable


Just Download and Put to Use

Drum Werks offers musicians an easy and affordable way to download premium drum and cymbal samples. Drum Werks gives you fast access to Drum Samples by Drum Werks Snare Lugsthousands of new, big budget drum samples at affordable prices. If you want to download full drum kit sample sets or just individual sample packs of kick drums, snare drums or other percussive voices, our royalty free multi-sampled instruments are the fast and professional way to expand your sample library and create great new music.

We Give You What You Want

While there are many fine virtual drum packages on the market today, we give you what the others don’t – affordable sounds with complete control over the content. Need a new snare sound? Drum Werks can get you one. New some kick samples to blend into the flabby ones you recorded? We have them. Buy what you and not a bloated drum sample package that gives you too much of what you don’t need. And, don’t forget the price! Why spend nearly $200 when all you need are a handful of great new voices to make your latest recordings stand out? Drum Werks offers unparalleled bang for the buck with consistent quality, sonic variety, and a fast easy instant download delivery system that will begin improving your music within minutes of purchase.

With individual drum sample downloads starting at $2.99 and full drumkit sample sets for only $12.99, Drum Werks drum sample collections give you exactly the sounds you want at a price we all can afford. And, price is a big point for us because we realize not everyone can consider the latest virtual drum package a viable option. But, because you can’t afford a $200 drum library doesn’t mean your music should stop dead in its tracks. You can still get great drum sounds – we want to be there to help.

Drum Werks: Intense Focus to Get You What You Want

Drum Samples by Drum Werks Kick Drum HeadThe problem with many drum sample libraries is that they try to be all things to all people, with massive collections of sounds that include many you will never use. While it’s great to hear what a vintage Ludwig kick can do, do you really want to pay for it when you’re writing an intense hard rock or metal track?

Music is beautifully diverse and we give you the ability to get only the samples you need and want. It’s literally drums a la Carte! Get new powerful sounds when you need them, without wasting hard drive space and money on sounds you don’t.

Drum Werks’ growing collection of drum and cymbal sample collections are focused and inexpensive, providing the inspiration you want when you need it.

Get Results. Get Drum Werks.