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Drum Werks drum sample bundles are valued-pack collections designed for maximum bang for the buck. Each bundle contains multiple drums and multiple tunings, offering users a wide array of drum sounds to fit any recording project. If you’re after real drum samples, from vintage to modern drums, grab a Drum Werks bundle and give your music and mixes some new sounds today.


This snare bundle features 18 different snares, 4+ GB of 24-bit .WAV sample content, 5000+ multi-velocity single hits in 53 snare folders. Snare sounds overload!


10 different snare sets featuring DW, Pearl, and Ludwig (Acrolite, Supraphonic, Black Beauty) snare drums with nearly 900 multi-velocity snare samples.


Over 675 MB of Ludwig snare drum samples, in a variety of tunings and resonances. If you're after a rock snare sample, you're covered. Also at home in metal, pop, and country drum tracks.  


Fat. Beefy. Scooped. Clicky. This bundle presents 8 folders of diverse kick drum sounds designed for hard and heavy styles of music. Save over 30% with this kick bundle!


A versatile bundle of bass drum samples! From fat and punchy to big and resonant, you get 15 sample packs to enhance your drum tracks.


Nine distinctly different cowbells to add to your percussion arsenal. From deep, low clank to bright, high-pitched ping, you'll get modern and vintage cowbell samples that are a step above the freebies and synthesized 'bells you can find all over the net. Why do you need this sample bundle? Because you gotta have more cowbell, baby!


A powerful bundle of kick drum samples optimized for metal and hard rock. Add some clarity to your low-end.