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Download drum samples of vintage and modern gear – full drum kits or individual kicks, snares, toms, crash cymbals, rides, hihats, and percussion – all meticulously recorded, mixed, and sampled for use in your latest musical project.

Sequence the most realistic drum tracks possible in your favorite DAW or virtual instrument or sample replace or enhance your drum current drum tracks. The multi-velocity drum sample packs are purely 100% natural drums and cymbals, ready to improve your next mix.

With a diverse lineup of drum samples to choose from, Drum Werks will give you the right drum tools to create powerful drum tracks for rock, metal, country, pop and any other style where you need dynamic acoustic drum samples. If your existing drums need an upgrade, download and use Drum Werks drum samples.

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Customer Feedback

“The drum samples are fantastic, much more natural/real sounding than the overly processed Steven Slate which I’ve used.

I get bored of snares and kicks quite quick so the ability to jump on your website and buy some individual new ones is a big plus! I much prefer this than purchasing massive libraries where only some kits/hits are of my style.”

Ryan Miller

“The two snares sound very good, and was glad to see there were like 60 or so different velocity samples for each snare.The Metal Kick 08 from the rock bass drum collection are the best kick samples I’ve ever heard in a drum sampler.

Sounds much like Vinnie Paul’s kick drums, which is actually what I’ve been searching for the most.”

Steve Winters

“I purchased both snare sample libraries, and there looks to be about twenty three multi-sampled snares here, and every single one is a “Gem”! Crystal clear recording and absolutely the perfect amount of punch, rattle and “ting” on every sample.

Not to mention at least fifty multi-samples for every snare, covering basically every possible hit.

I don’t know what to say, except that my snare search is now OVER.”

Everett Sellner