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100% Pure Acoustic Drum Samples. Only from DrumWerks.

Download the Drum Samples You Want and Need from Drum Werks. Get samples of kick drums, snare drums, toms, crash cymbals, rides, hihats, and percussion.

Need full drumkit samples? Live sampled drum kits of coveted “must have” drums and cymbals. We’ve captured acoustic samples from modern and vintage drum kits featuring extensive Snare drum samples from Drum Werksmultiple velocity samples to inspire realistic and powerful drum tracks.

Kick drum samples? Big, resonant, tight, or punchy, we’ve sampled different kick drums to deliver a sound right for your music. Need brutal attack for metal or low-end warmth for blues, jazz, or rock? We’ve got it. Blended or solo, it’s time to add some impact to your bottom end.

What about snare samples? Steel, brass, maple or birch, we have a snare sample set right for your music. Fully sampled at all velocity ranges, including cross-sticks and rimshots, all Drum Werks snare sample download packs will deliver powerful, live performances.

Of course, you’ll need some cymbals too! Hihats, ride, crashes, chinas, and more. From modern and bright to vintage and warm, you’ll find a wide variety of cymbal samples packs ready to download and put to work in your music. If you’re looking for some fresh brass flavors, then have a look.

How do Drum Werks drum samples sound?

Sequence powerful drum tracks or enhance existing ones with drum replacement software, Drum Werks will give you more options when putting together new drum tracks. Have a listen to what Drum Werks artists have shared with us.

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